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What wages are agency workers entitled to?

From the first day of employment with a client, an agency worker is entitled to the user company remuneration. There are exceptions, allowing a different remuneration to be applied in certain cases.
As regards agency workers that are nonclassifiable, the remuneration will be determined in consultation between the employment agency and the agency worker and, possibly, the client.
Agency workers who are part of the allocation group are paid the CLA remuneration.


A non-classifiable agency worker is an agency worker whose work cannot be classified in the job classification system at the client. If a CLA or terms and conditions of employment are in place with the hirer, classification is, in principle, possible. This also applies if the hirer does not employ anyone in the same position as the agency worker.

allocation group

The following agency workers belong to allocation group:

  • Persons designated by the government as persons with poor job prospects.
  • Persons who do not have a basic qualification and who start training aimed at obtaining a qualification.

Articles 16, 21 and 33 of the CLA for Agency Workers

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