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What is the right of a temporary agency worker in unworkable weather conditions?

In the case of extreme weather conditions, a company can come to a standstill and the employer can often use regulation according to the unworkable wheater conditions if the specific regulation is included in his CLA.
At the moment, no specific regulation has been included in the Collective Labor Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers. That is why the specific regulation does not apply to agency workers. In some cases, temporary workers can apply for unemployment benefits if they are unable to work or if the contract is terminated.

For an agency worker with an employment contract with agency clause, no work means automatically the end of the employment contract. The agency worker may apply for the unemployment benefit.

An agency worker with an employment contract without agency clause (for a fixed period) and exclusion of the continued payment of wages, can apply for an unemployment benefit for the missing hours.

Does an agency worker have an employment contract under which the temporary employment agency has an obligation to continued payment of wages (phase B / 3 or C / 4)? Then the employment agency is obliged to find and offer suitable replacement work when the current assignment is canceled. The agency worker is obliged to accept this. As long as no suitable replacement work has been offered, the employer must continue to pay wages.

Article 22 of the CLA for Agency Workers

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