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When does the notice period start?

In general a fixed-term agreement can be terminated prematurely. If you have agreed that this is not possible, this must be recorded in writing.

If a temporary employment contract without a temporary employment clause (phase A or B) is terminated prematurely, the cancellation period will commence on the next working day, for the duration of the statutory period.

For temporary employees, the statutory notice period is one month, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Tip! The determination that the cancellation takes effect on the next working day is a derogation from the legal rule, that says that cancellation is “towards the end of the month”. This rule may be deviated from by written agreement like the Collective Labor Agreement for Temporary Workers.

The private employment agency may only cancel after permission from the UWV Werkbedrijf.


Article 15 lid 4 of the CLA for Agency Workers
Section 7:672 of the Netherlands Civil Code

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