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Does a temporary agency worker receive continued payment of wages during his holiday?

Yes, the temporary agency workers are paid wages during the holidays. The payment of the wages during vacation days is determined by the type of contract and the duration of the employment.

An agency work employment contract without an agency clause

When the temporary agency worker with an employment contract without agency clause takes vacation, he is entitled to continued payment of his actual wage* insofar as the right to vacation has been acquired.

An agency work employment contract with an agency clause

The employment agency reserves 10.82% of the temporary worker’s actual wage* during his employment. If the temporary agency worker takes vacation and the agency work employment contract continues, the actual wage will be paid from the accrued holiday reservation, insofar as the reserve is sufficient.

Payment of wages and allowances to the temporary agency worker during holidays

A temporary agency worker should receive the same wages during his holiday as if he had worked. So when normally his actual wage is supplemented with allowances, a temporary agency worker also receives these during his holiday. This concerns allowances/ reimbursements based on the hirer’s remuneration and the collective labor agreement remuneration. The reimbursements referred to here do not include cost reimbursements.

*Actual wage is the time period, determined current gross wage amount, excluding holiday allowance, allowances, allowances, overtime, compensation hours, etc.

Source: Article 26 Collective Labor Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers

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