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What can a temporary agency worker do in case of discrimination?

Discrimination is not allowed in the Netherlands as is stated in the Constitution.

Discrimination is treating people differently or excluding people based on (personal) characteristics, such as: religion, philosophy of life, political affiliation, race, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or chronic illness, age.

In addition, an employer may not make a distinction based on working hours (full-time or part-time work) and on the type of contract (temporary or permanent) unless an objective justification can be given for this.

Reporting or evaluating a complaint

A temporary agency worker can immediately report a discrimination complaint to the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights when he / she strongly suspects that he / she is being discriminated.
A temporary agency worker may also submit a request to the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights for an official assessment of the complaint*. The Institute assesses whether the law has been violated. In other words: on the basis of the legislation on equal treatment they assess whether the discrimination complaint is justified.
A temporary agency worker can also:
1. lodge a complaint with the organization by which he / she feels discriminated;
2. report the matter to the police.

*The usefulness of an official assessment of the complaint

An assessment of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights are not legally binding. This means that the Institute cannot impose any penalties or measures if the assessment is: discrimination.
However an assessment has often a diffrent effect. In about 80% of cases, the defendant takes action. For example, a manager offers an apology or changes the organisation’s policy.
Moreover, assessments are always made public on the website of the Institute with the name of the organization as well. The names of private persons are not disclosed.

An explanation video of discrimination complaint at the Institute for Human Rights

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