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What can an employment agency withhold from wages?

Just like any other employer, an employment agency is legally obliged to deduct certain amounts from the wage of an agency worker, such as national insurance contributions and pension contributions. An agency worker can also authorise an employment agency to make payments in his name from the wages to be paid. This authorisation can always be revoked.

Common deductions include:

  • Rent
  • Transport costs
  • Health insurance premium

As regards agency workers who do not live in the Netherlands permanently, deductions for accommodation costs and transport costs from and to the place of residence in the country of origin must be based on actual costs.
If an agency worker accepts health insurance through the employment agency with an authorisation to pay the premiums to the health insurer, the employment agency must ensure that the agency worker receives a copy of the insurance policy (within two weeks of taking out the insurance).

Article 36 paragraph 11 and paragraph 38 of the CLA for Agency Workers

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