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Is an agency worker entitled to a holiday allowance?

Yes, an agency worker is entitled to a holiday allowance of 8.33% of the effective wage for days worked, days’ holiday, public holidays, days on which the agency worker is incapacitated for work, compensatory hours and for the hours that the agency worker is entitled to continued payment of wages by virtue of Article 22, in the event of loss of work.

Effective wage: The time-based current gross wage, excluding holiday allowance, benefits, payments, overtime, compensatory hours, etc.

The following applies to the payment of holiday allowance:

Payment is made in the month of May or in the first week of June at the latest, upon leaving the employment and earlier, if requested, if an agency worker takes a consecutive holiday for at least seven calendar days. The employment agency, at the request of the agency worker, may agree with the agency worker that the holiday allowance (together with other benefits) is paid directly with the wage.

Note! In the event of an agency work employment contract with an agency clause, it can be agreed in writing that any holiday allowance yet to be paid (in addition to other benefits) will be settled within 18 weeks of the end of the agency work employment contract (or after the wage entitlement has ceased to exist).

Articles 18 and 29 of the CLA for Agency Workers

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