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When does an agency worker accrue pension entitlements?

An agency worker accrues pension when he is at least 21 years old and has worked at least 26 weeks for the same employment agency. Once an agency worker meets the requirements, the employment agency must register the agency worker with StiPP pension fund.

The pension accrual starts after 26 weeks worked. You will remain in the Basic Scheme for a maximum of 52 working weeks, after which pension accrual according to the Plus Scheme commences.
The 26-week requirement is not re-applied when transferring to another employment agency, unless there has been an interruption between two agency work employment contracts of 52 weeks or more.

Basic Scheme
The contribution of 2.6% of the gross wage is entirely payable by the employment agency.

Plus Scheme
The employment agency pays two-thirds (8%) and the agency worker one-third (4%) of the pension contribution.

Articles 32 and Appendix III of the CLA for Agency Workers

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