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Corona and sickness

In the animation below, we briefly explain what happens and what you are entitled to if you work as a temporary worker and become sick.

Am I entitled to sickness benefit if I become ill?

If you have become ill, the normal rules for sickness apply. The consequences do depend on the employment agreement.

  • A temporary employment agreement with agency clause:
    The temporary agency worker is registered to the UWV. The UWV determines whether the temporary worker is entitled to sickness benefits. The temporary employment agency must supplement a percentage to this benefit.
  • In the case of an employment contract for a (in)definite period:
    A temporary agency worker is entitled to continued payment of wages during illness, for the entire duration of the temporary employment agreement. 1 waiting day applies.

I am not ill, but I must be quarantined. What are my rights?

Whether someone should be quarantined is determined by the GGD or the chairman of the security region. If this is the case, the following apply:

  • An agency work employment contract with agency clause does not end during compulsory quarantine if there is no question of illness. The agency work employment contract with agency clause does end when the client terminates the assignment. In that case, the temporary worker must be registered with the UWV.
  • An agency work employment contract without agency clause with exclusion of the continued payment of wages still last. The quarantine is at the risk of the worker and he does not receive any wages. He can contact the UWV during the quarantine.
  • If there is an agency work employment contract with an obligation of the continued payment of wages, the quarantine will be at the risk of the temporary employment agency.

I have been in close contact with a Corona patiënt. What now?

There’s been close contact if you have been within 5 feet of someone with Corona for 15 minutes. The national government urgently advises to go into quarantine for 10 days from the moment of close contact. During the quarantine the following applies:

  • If the obligation of continued payment of wages is included in the agency employment contract, the quarantine will in most cases be at the risk of the employer.
  • If there is an agency employment contract with an agency clause or if the obligation of continued payment of wages is excluded, the employer does not have to continue to pay the wages if no work has been performed.

Can I get tested for corona?

From 1 June 2020, anyone with complaints that fit the coronavirus can be tested. Call 0800-1202 for an appointment to get tested, or visit for more information.

Can my employer ask me for a corona test?

No that is not allowed. An employment agency (employer) may not ask an employee about the nature and cause of his / her illness. Nor can the employer test an employee himself. This may only be done by a (company) doctor. The doctor may only share the results of this test with the employee.

I am sick and unemployed. Can I contact UWV to report my sickness?

Do you think that the temporary employment agency did not report your illness to UWV on time? In this case, you can apply to UWV yourself. To do this, you can contact UWV by phone:

  • Go to the UWV website
  • When calling, keep your social security number within reach (BSN).